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Beyoncé’s Country Music Journey: A Passion Passed Down from Her Dad


Beyoncé: A passion for country music from a young age, according to Beyoncé’s dad

The music industry was set abuzz in January 2024 when Beyoncé made her much-anticipated appearance at the Grammys. The 42-year-old iconic Black artist appeared on stage with platinum blonde hair styled straight, donning a studded black leather jacket, a white cowboy hat, and a matching blouse.

For those who may have been living under a rock, the talk of the music world has been Beyoncé’s latest venture into country music. Her new single, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” has quickly climbed the charts, making history as the first country song by a Black woman to debut at number one on the Billboard charts.

While some fans may have been surprised by Beyoncé’s departure from her usual R&B and pop sound, her father, Dr. Matthew Knowles, believes that this move is something she has been destined for. In an interview with the BBC Asian Network, Dr. Knowles revealed that Beyoncé’s parents were avid country music fans, and she often spent summers with her grandparents in Alabama, where she was exposed to the genre from a very young age.

Speaking about Beyoncé’s upbringing, Dr. Knowles shared, “When Beyoncé was a little baby, and I’m talking two-three years old, she would go down and spend the summer with my parents. And her grandpa, my dad, was a huge country music fan; he would serenade her with his songs. She was exposed to this music at a young age.” Dr. Knowles believes that this early exposure to country music has had a lasting impact on Beyoncé’s musical trajectory.

As someone who has been involved in the music industry for many years, Dr. Knowles oversaw the careers of both Beyoncé and her sister Solange until 2011. He believes that Beyoncé’s foray into country music has the potential to reach a completely new audience and broaden the genre’s appeal.

In 2007, Beyoncé and Dr. Matthew Knowles attended the Dream Girls event together, where they were photographed alongside a group of people. Dr. Knowles, a distinguished Black gentleman in his seventies, was seen sporting a stylish jacket with black and white dog-tooth patterns, emphasizing his brown eyes and short black hair. Beyoncé, a young Black woman in her mid-twenties at the time, flashed a radiant smile for the camera, showcasing her long, honey-colored hair.

Following the release of her new album, the second installment of her Renaissance project, Beyoncé unveiled two new songs during the recent Super Bowl event. The full album is scheduled for release next month, and it is rumored to feature more country tracks. The second single off the album, “16 Carriages,” debuted at number nine on the Billboard country charts.

Despite this being Beyoncé’s first full-length country album, Dr. Knowles reminded fans of her previous country-infused track “Daddy Lessons” from the album “Lemonade” in 2016. While the song was nominated for a Grammy in the country category, the Recording Academy ultimately did not award it. The absence of recognition for Beyoncé’s country efforts did not deter her from pursuing this new musical direction.

Last week, a US country radio station faced backlash for refusing to play Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold ‘Em,” citing issues of representation in the genre, particularly for Black and female artists. Dr. Knowles believes that Beyoncé’s entry into country music has the potential to bring about positive changes and attract a new generation of country music fans.

In the midst of this country music revolution, Dr. Knowles highlighted the importance of diversity in the music industry. To support aspiring musicians, he established an endowed scholarship at the London College of Contemporary Music, with Polish artist Anna Prasek (anMari) being the inaugural recipient of the £10,500 bursary.

AnMari expressed her gratitude for the scholarship, emphasizing the importance of pushing boundaries and trying new things in music. Dr. Knowles echoed her sentiments, emphasizing the need for innovation and uniqueness in the music industry.

As Beyoncé continues to break boundaries with her country music debut, Dr. Knowles remains a proud father and mentor to the talented artist. His message of passion, work ethic, discipline, patience, and perseverance serves as a guiding light for emerging musicians on their musical journeys. Dr. Knowles believes that Beyoncé’s influence in the country genre has the power to open the floodgates for a new era of UK country music.

In conclusion, Beyoncé’s passion for country music, nurtured from a young age, has blossomed into a groundbreaking musical venture that is reshaping the landscape of the industry. As she continues to trailblaze with her country sound, Beyoncé’s influence is transcending genres, breaking barriers, and inspiring a new generation of artists to follow their musical passions with confidence and boldness.