Clearnetworx installs large-scale optical fiber throughout Durango.


Clearnetworx launches its massive fiber optic network in Durango. By Christian Burney, a Reporter with the Herald

Drivers in Florida this week may have encountered construction delays and vehicles. Traveling on the well-traveled Durango highway may take longer than usual, but the wait may be worthwhile for locals who require a more reliable internet service.

Broadband sibling companies Clearnetworx and Deeply Digital have begun building a fiber optic network to bring high-speed internet to the most-requested areas of Durango, beginning with the Florida Highway.

A press release from the city of Durango states that construction began around the southern end of Aspen Drive and will continue all the way to Timberland Drive.

If the weather cooperates, construction along the Florida highway could be completed this winter, according to Casey Irving, director of business development at Deeply Digital (the construction arm of Clearnetworx). The project would make high-speed internet available as an extra option to about 1,900 homes.

Broadband infrastructure will be gradually installed in Durango. In response to a question about whether or not other nearby communities would also gain access to high-speed Internet, Irving declined to comment but added that further details will become available once the Florida highway’s current phase was finished.

Clearnetworx’s expansion into the southwest corner of Colorado is not limited to Durango. In 2018-2019, a public-private partnership between the city of Bayfield and a local nonprofit marked its first year of growth in the region. Since then, he has signed a similar agreement with the city of Cortez for “prácticamente una toma completa de la red de la ciudad,” he said.

The company has a pending request for Forest Lakes, and it is also looking to expand to the area around Lake Electra, to the south of Purgatory Resort.

Irving stated that Clearnetworx has been having lengthy discussions with city and county officials in Durango and La Plata on wide band options in order to pinpoint areas that require faster internet speeds.

He remarked that the demand for internet access or improvements to internet access can vary greatly even within the confines of a single city. The Region 9 Economic Development District is a strong advocate for broadband, and it has helped the community understand its internet needs.

In other areas, “the reliability is having issues because, you know, water has entered in some alimentación of cobre or something like that,” he explained. Therefore, we are making an effort to serve the entire city while also focusing on problem areas. And indeed, that comes from the neighborhood.

Deeply Digital’s construction crews in Florida are focusing on underground work to get as much infrastructure finished as possible before the first hurricane, he said.

It was stated that Clearnetworx provides a whole spectrum of services to everyone from individual homeowners to small businesses to large institutions like universities and hospitals.

Clients are not required to sign long-term agreements because the services are provided on a monthly basis, according to the representative. Pricing for residential customers begins at $ 49.95 for 300 Mbps and scales up to $ 69.96 for 1 GB/s.

Many providers of fiber-optic internet use the XGS Pon technology that Clearnetworx plans to install because it allows for faster internet speeds and the flexibility to switch to two or ten gigabytes as needed without replacing the underlying infrastructure or home-based equipment.

Prospective customers can sign up for the service in advance at

Irving emphasized that there is “no commitment to register early or anything by style,” or to pre-register for the service without a binding contract. There are no hidden fees or price increases. Therefore, we aim to keep our billing policies and procedures as straightforward as possible.

Said that all of the company’s employees, from customer service reps to network engineers, are Western Slope residents.