Cracking the Screens: Apple Explores a Redesigned Front for iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max


Apple is currently in the testing phase for their upcoming iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models. These new devices are rumored to undergo a major redesign, particularly in the front of the phone. Recent reports suggest that Apple is experimenting with a new design solution for the front-facing camera sensor, possibly opting for a cutout in the display instead of the traditional pill-shaped cutout.

This information comes from a tipster named “Majin Bu” (@MajinBuOfficial) who has provided reliable leaks in the past. It is worth noting that competitors like Samsung and LG have already embraced this design approach in their smartphones, allowing for more screen real estate in the front of the device.

It is a common practice for companies to thoroughly test different prototypes of their products before mass production. This helps them identify any areas for improvement and refine the design from previous generations. However, a major redesign like this requires careful consideration and planning from Apple.

One important aspect that needs to be taken into account is Face ID, an advanced security feature that uses sensors in the front camera to quickly and accurately recognize the user’s face. With the potential use of a different cutout design, it would require the repositioning of these essential components.

It is worth mentioning that there have been rumors in the past about Apple incorporating Face ID technology under the display of their future iPhones. However, other companies that have attempted to integrate selfie cameras in this way have faced challenges with compromised quality. The same can be said for face recognition sensors.

Considering that the pill-shaped cutout for Dynamic Island was only introduced in the 14th generation iPhone, it is unlikely that we will see this new design change implemented in the immediate future. According to the source, it might not be until the 17th generation iPhone that we witness this new design in action.

Ultimately, Apple’s decision to experiment with a different front-facing camera cutout indicates their commitment to maximizing screen real estate while maintaining the functionality and effectiveness of Face ID. As with any technology, it is important for Apple to thoroughly test and refine these changes to ensure the best user experience possible. The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max hold great promise, and we eagerly await further updates from Apple as they continue to push the boundaries of smartphone design and innovation.