Does Your SEO Division Have The Essential Components?


SEO has evolved. SEO companies that can improve their clients’ search engine rankings are rare. If possible, hire multiple SEO companies. If you have skilled staff, hire a digital agency or do SEO yourself. If the parts work properly, you will benefit. Make sure your SEO team has these experts on hand for the best results. Following are the some essential components that each SEO division should have:

SEO Manager:

An SEO manager is essential. Unlike other SEO experts, this one focuses more on business growth than procedures. SEO manager gives business advice to clients. Payment plans, customer needs, and project concepts are examples. SEO managers must keep their promises and involve key experts in the client’s business development. They also manage the client’s SEO staff. The SEO manager should inform the SEO specialist of project obligations. They must motivate employees. All SEO managers work hard.

Web/Graphic Designer:

Design, not content, can improve your website. A well-designed and written website can exceed your expectations. Web designers create all content graphics. Writing and design are rare. So a designer and a writer. SEO managers should combine designers and content writers for the best results. If not, your company writes and designs. A designer, digital agency or freelancer should design your website.

Content Developer:

Want to drive more organic search traffic to your business? Content marketing determines success. Only relevant, high-quality material can improve search traffic. Therefore, at least one content creator in your digital agency should write the best content in the business. Benefit from a content developer with video and infographic experience. Content developers can also help with email marketing.

Account Manager:

SEO managers often feel overburdened. The account manager is responsible for after-sales customer communication. Work reports and results will be in collaboration. SEO managers can use account manager reports to track your organization’s team performance and results. Account managers save time. Account manager helps customers. Account managers solve customer problems. If SEO managers can’t resolve consumer complaints, they’ll be warned.

Technical Experts:

Content-oriented SEO experts are great. Ignoring technical SEO can have disastrous consequences. Ignoring technical SEO details can hurt your business. Your business needs a technical SEO expert. Technical SEO analyst. Because they understand the architecture of your website, they immediately analyze SEO issues.

Other responsibilities of an SEO analyst include:

  • Optimize loading time
  • Keyword optimization for websites or blogs
  • Internal link optimization
  • Comparative test
  • Rich fragments

Working with software engineers, SEO analysts can make most changes to small WordPress sites. Larger custom websites require dedicated software developers.

Link Builders:

Despite their differences, link builders and public relations are closely related in SEO. Link builders and publishers reach out to industry users to create mutually beneficial business relationships. Link building SEO specialists need PR skills.


Only software engineers can make changes to your website and improve the user experience. SEO companies usually have software developers. If not, hire a freelancer or hire a full-time software engineer. The growth of your business may depend on software developers.

Conversion Rate Optimizer:

Many companies do not use CROs. Conversion Rate Optimizer improves SEO performance. Split test optimization. This is critical if your clients or senior management do SEO. Businesses want revenue, profit and search traffic, not rankings. Conversion rate optimizers (not SEO) can double or triple conversion rates after many tests. Triple the conversion rate, but no SEO traffic. Doubling your business conversion rate and SEO traffic can be great. Side-by-side testing can improve conversions beyond email marketers.

Email and Social Media Marketers:

Only email marketing can maximize ROI. Email marketing works in some areas, but social media marketing is best done by other team members. Your SEO team may assign email and social media marketers different tasks. Email and social media encourage content, so they’re essential to your content marketing plan. SEO managers can market through email and social media and delegate messages to copywriters or content writers. Another requires a progress report.


Modern SEO requires a versatile workforce. This includes SEO managers for strategic guidance, content developers for high quality content creation, web and graphic designers for attractive website designs, link builders with PR skills, technical experts for SEO issues, developers for website tweaks and enhanced user experience, communication with account clients and reporting manager, email promotion and social media marketer, and conversion rate optimizer to increase conversions. Businesses can improve their search engine results and online presence by hiring experts.


1. What is the significance of link builders in SEO?

Similar to PR professionals, link builders build relationships with industry influencers and users to benefit the business. The connections they make can generate valuable backlinks and boost your site’s popularity.

2. Why is content development important for SEO?

Content development plays a vital role in increasing organic search traffic. High-quality and relevant content is critical to improving your search rankings and attracting website visitors.

3. What is the purpose of an account manager in SEO?

Account managers handle post-sales customer communications, prepare reports, and help monitor the performance of the SEO team. They also answer customer questions and help with any issues.

4. What is the role of the conversion rate optimizer in SEO?

Conversion rate optimizers focus on increasing the conversion rate of website visitors to customers. By benchmarking and optimizing techniques, they increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts and ensure better results for the company.

5. What is the role of an SEO manager?

SEO managers are responsible for providing business advice, managing client relationships and overseeing SEO staff. They prioritize the overall growth of the company and coordinate project responsibilities.