Dr. Olaf Weber has been named the first CIBC Chair in Sustainable Finance at the Schulich School of Business. – CashCreditDigest

Dr. Olaf Weber has been named the first CIBC Chair in Sustainable Finance at the Schulich School of Business.


Dr. Olaf Weber has been named the first occupant of the CIBC Chair in Sustainable Finance at York University’s Schulich School of Business. CIBC’s dedication to a better, more sustainable future inspired the establishment of the research chair. Dr. Weber, a well-respected authority in the field of sustainable finance, plans to conduct innovative studies that lead to practical applications in the international financial system.

Schulich is widely regarded as an authority in the fields of sustainability and responsible business, and is home to some of the world’s top researchers in these areas. There is a sustainability research and knowledge development center at the university, called the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business.

The selection of Dr. Weber to the CIBC Chair has been met with enthusiasm from Schulich School of Business Dean Detlev Zwick, who has stated that Dr. Weber’s appointment will increase the school’s competence in sustainable finance and aid in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Canada’s Global Business School, the Schulich School of Business, consistently places well in international rankings of business schools. Schulich has been ranked first in Canada by multiple international MBA rankings publications, including The Economist, Forbes, and QS. The Executive MBA program at Kellogg-Schulich is likewise well regarded.

The Miles S. Nadal Management Centre in Toronto’s financial sector and the Schulich campus in Hyderabad, India are just a few of the locations where students can enroll in one of Schulich’s many business degree programs. The university has partnered with some of the best business institutions in the world, both academically and strategically.

Schulich’s unique and forward-thinking curriculum sets its graduates up for success in a wide range of fields, including business, government, and the nonprofit world. The school is proud to have a global alumni community of approximately 35,000 people. The Executive Education Centre at Schulich provides professional training and education for thousands of business leaders each year.

Schulich has taken a major step forward in its dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices with the appointment of Dr. Olaf Weber as the first CIBC Chair in Sustainable Finance. With Dr. Weber’s knowledge and commitment, Schulich will remain in the forefront of developing real-world strategies for a more resilient financial system.