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Employing the Services of a Freelance SEO Copywriter


If you try to do search engine optimization (SEO) on your website yourself, you could run into trouble. When you think about keyword research, writing copy for your website, titles, headlines, meta information, article marketing, link building and blogging, you may find yourself swimming against the current and in an uphill battle for fresh, original and consistent content. create content. useful material.

One way to solve this problem is to hire an SEO person; however, a reputable white hat SEO company is almost always expensive. This may be why you decide to perform search engine optimization on your own website rather than hire a company to do it for you. However, hiring the services of a freelance writer can significantly increase the amount of work you obtain, increasing your level of success without having to put in much effort.

You need to make sure your copywriters have a good understanding of SEO; otherwise you will spend most of your time explaining why things should be done a certain way, and you will not be able to get them to do their basic job in an effective way. If your copywriter doesn’t have solid SEO knowledge, you should find someone else.

Talking to your copywriter and asking to see some samples of their SEO-related work (such as website copy) and subsequent results is the only real way to ensure that your copywriter has a good background in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). No SEO copywriter worth their salt will have any problems.

Freelance SEO copywriting can help you with a variety of tasks. Some examples of these jobs are article marketing and blogging on your own website. It is highly recommended that you assign your SEO copywriters the following three tasks:

1. Research Keywords on the Website and Write Content

Assuming your freelance writers have a solid understanding of SEO, they should be able to perform productive keyword research on your behalf. This ensures that you are focusing your efforts on the right keywords (in terms of competition, potential traffic, and likelihood of conversion). Once you’ve chosen your keywords, you can ask your copywriter to improve your website’s content while ensuring that your keywords are naturally distributed throughout the text. They should also be able to provide suggestions for your title, H1, and meta information.

2. Link Building

As is the case with blogging, article marketing and other types of link building can be an effective means of improving SEO, but this takes time and requires relevant and somewhat original content. There’s no reason why you can’t have your copywriter perform these tasks on your behalf; however, you are responsible for paying the site membership fee (if necessary) and providing access to the copywriter.

I recommend hiring a native English speaking copywriter as they are more likely to produce good content (especially if you let them write your website copy and blog posts). Before choosing copywriters, make sure they meet your needs. Foreign copywriters may be cheaper, but I recommend hiring a native English speaking copywriter.

Ask about their past experiences and ask to see numerous examples of their work (the work you see should still be active on external sites). You need to make sure they can effectively achieve what you ask of them, and that they have the experience needed to pull it off.

Making an effort (if possible) to get referrals from their other clients and interact with them will give you a better idea of how good your chosen copywriting could be.

The next item to consider is the payment method; contributors can be billed in many different ways (per post, per word, per hour, per day, per project, etc.) and you should make sure you understand exactly how you will be charged to avoid wasting fees. Escalated to the point of getting out of hand. If you’re looking for a freelance writer for a one-time project, it’s best to get an estimate for the entire workforce rather than an hourly quote. This way you can better plan your finances. Similarly, if you are paying someone for work in progress, you should agree on a weekly, monthly, or annual rate and provide a minimum and maximum number of hours, items, etc. you work on. amount per period. Again, this will prevent cost inflation from spiraling out of control and keep you and the copywriter from getting confused about your obligations and expenses.

3. Blog Posts

Having a blog on your website is a great search engine optimization (SEO) tool, as it not only provides you with regularly updated, fresh, and original content (all qualities that Google values), but it also increases your Increase the number of relevant texts on your website and increase long-tail traffic to your website. You can bring all these benefits to your website by using a blog if you maintain a regular posting schedule and provide content that is both unique and useful. Job 1 is more of an occasional (or at least sporadic) activity than Job 1, which can be a regular and ongoing responsibility of a copywriter. If possible, encourage them to contribute at least two articles to your blog each week. Your SEO efforts should benefit from at least two new articles per week, while one new article per day is ideal if you have the resources.


Finally, if you are struggling to handle all parts of SEO yourself, a cost-effective alternative for you is to hire a freelance writer with extensive knowledge of SEO. Both the findability and success of your website can benefit from the help of an experienced copywriter who can assist with keyword research, website copywriting, blog posts and link building. Make sure the copywriter you hire has previous experience and ask for samples of their SEO-related work and results before you hire them. If you want higher quality content, consider hiring native English speakers. Make sure you understand the payment terms in advance to avoid surprises with your bill. In the long run, you can optimize your SEO efforts and save time and effort by partnering with a qualified copywriter to generate content for your website.


1. How often should I publish blog content?

Regularly publishing new and unique content on your blog is good for SEO. If possible, aim for at least two blog posts per week. However, posting daily is better as it increases site relevancy and attracts more long tail traffic.

2. Why should I hire a freelance writer for SEO?

Hiring a freelance writer with SEO expertise can improve your website’s SEO efforts by improving keyword research, website copywriting, blog posts, and link building. They save you time and help you get better results.

3. What Can Freelance SEO Copywriting Help Me Achieve?

Freelance SEO copywriters can help you with a variety of tasks, including keyword research and website copy, writing blog posts, and running link building campaigns. They can help improve your website content and increase traffic.

4. Can copywriters perform link building tasks?

Yes, copywriters can perform link building tasks, including article marketing and other forms of acquiring backlinks. However, you may be required to grant access to these activities and bear any associated costs, such as site memberships.

5. How should I handle payments from freelance writers?

Payment terms can vary, so it’s important to clarify how you’ll be charged. For one-off assignments, request a quote for the total workload. Agree a weekly, monthly or annual rate for work in progress and determine the minimum and maximum performance to be delivered for the agreed amount. This will help control costs and set clear expectations for both parties.