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Expert Economist Declines Milei’s Offer to Lead Brazil’s Central Bank: A Quest for Better Policies


An economic expert has recently declined an offer from President Javier Milei to lead the Central Bank of Brazil. Demian Reidel, a renowned economist who prides himself as a “mileista of first hora,” has politely turned down the opportunity, accrediting his decision to the belief that there are individuals more qualified for the role.

Reidel, in an interview with La Nación, expressed the importance of having the right people in charge of formulating economic policies. “There is a difference in the formulation of policies, and there are people who can do that better,” he said. However, he emphasized his unwavering support for the Milei administration, stating, “I fully support the Milei administration. Sou un mileísta de primeira hora.”

This announcement comes as a surprise to many, considering Reidel’s previous experience as the vice president of the Central Bank during Mauricio Macri’s presidency. However, it is clear that his decision stems from his belief in the fundamental principle of appointing the most capable individuals to key positions.

President Milei, known for his unorthodox approach to economics, has been vocal about his intent to shut down the Central Bank. He believes it is a moral obligation to restructure the country’s financial system. Furthermore, he has been a prominent advocate for the dollarization of Argentina’s economy, asserting that it would bring stability and foster economic growth.

In addition to Reidel’s rejection, the Milei administration has recently confirmed that they have approached Luis Andrés Caputo to lead the Ministry of Economy. This decision received unanimous support from the Argentine press, as Caputo is widely regarded as a competent and experienced figure in finance and economic policy.

Caputo, who previously served as the Finance Minister and President of the Central Bank, has a proven track record in managing economic crises and implementing effective monetary strategies. His expertise and knowledge make him an ideal candidate for this important role, garnering widespread approval from both the public and experts in the field.

As the administration takes shape, it is clear that President Milei is assembling a team composed of seasoned professionals who share his vision for economic reform. The appointments of individuals like Caputo demonstrate a commitment to putting capable and experienced leaders in prominent positions, which will be crucial in navigating the current economic challenges faced by Argentina.

With the rejection from Reidel and the appointment of Caputo, the Milei administration continues to make significant strides towards its goal of transforming Argentina’s economic landscape. As the nation adjusts to this new era, the appointment of skilled individuals will play a vital role in shaping the country’s economic future. It will be intriguing to observe how this team of experts collaborates to address the pressing issues faced by the nation and whether Milei’s unorthodox approaches can deliver the desired outcomes. As Argentina stands at the precipice of change, the eyes of the world are on President Milei and his administration, eagerly anticipating the progress and reforms that lie ahead.