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How to Write Multiple SEO Articles with the Same Keywords


Should you hire a professional to write SEO articles or do it yourself? You can choose any of these, but it’s important to understand some principles of SEO writing, even if you’re hiring someone else to do it. This will help you find out who has written great articles.

If you want to do it yourself and are good at writing and researching, you can write a lot on the same topic and get good results if you follow a few good tips.

Some people, both inside and outside the content industry, cringe when I say I have to write a lot on the same topic, especially if it’s a niche topic that not many people know about. Many of my clients ask me to write many articles on the same topic because they need unique content, and that’s one of the things I’m good at. A few days ago I had to write 24 different articles about synthetic industrial rubber. Another time I spent several days writing 50 articles about spyware. I once wrote 700 short essays about online learning in one month. Last month I wrote 53 articles about investing in Florida real estate. You can bet it’s hard not to write the same thing over and over again!

Writing articles is a great way for businesses to get more inbound links, improve their organic SEO, or spread the word about their products online. You can use these snippets from your website and distribute them around the internet to make your website stand out and attract more visitors. Still, the thought of writing countless articles on the same topic can be overwhelming, and this is where article writers can help.

How do I Create so Many Different Pieces on the Same Subject?

It can be easy or difficult to write many articles on the same topic. Depending on the subject, the type of work and the goals of the client, I can take different steps. If a batch is very large, I sometimes split it into several smaller groups so that I can work on several ideas at once. It can be helpful to break down a topic into several ideas. Keyword research also helps a lot. Sometimes you can figure out what to write about a topic by seeing what people are looking for. You can also view top Google results. Sometimes clients will give you a list of different keywords, which is a great way to differentiate each story. You can also write multiple articles with the same idea but different words. Some of my other methods include my own secret golden formula, where being creative and knowing how to use a thesaurus helps with my work. I also sometimes give a batch of work to multiple writers so that each piece is unique. If you’re tired of a topic, you might be surprised at what other people think about it.

I often start with a set of keywords or a list, do a lot of research and come up with ideas. In a pinch, you’ll be able to see which ideas and approaches might work, be fun, or be entertaining. I know that if I write a lot of articles (even just a few), I have to do two things.

  • First, I need to make the article interesting and easy to read.
  • Second, I need to make them attractive to search engine bots.

I do keyword research and use a “long tail” approach. If you look closely at the articles I write for you, you will often see that they are optimized for multiple keywords. I hope to provide you with more value and improve your results by ensuring articles are listed in multiple ways. Users and search engines agree that a topic is more important if it has more relevant keywords.
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Sometimes I need to change things up a bit. This may mean moving a few lines and changing the way they are written. This can create a whole new post on the same topic that the duplicate content filter can’t find. While we don’t want to repeat the same information over and over, submitting them to multiple article directories is one way to get more out of your articles.

Changing titles, writing new meta descriptions, and changing the text of your articles can help when you want to reach a wide audience with multiple article directories. The most important thing about articles for your business is that they contain unique and different material that captures readers’ attention and satisfies search engines.


Ultimately, it depends on your skills, resources and goals whether you should hire a professional article writer or write your own SEO articles. Whichever you choose, you need to understand the basics of good SEO writing to find a skilled article writer who will give you the results you want. It can be difficult to write multiple articles on the same topic, but there are ways to make them different and more interesting, such as breaking up topics, doing keyword research, and using your imagination. Whether you write these articles yourself or make them available to others, the key is to make sure they are both easy to read and search engine friendly. Remember, your business’s success in the competitive digital world depends on unique, diverse content that captures readers’ attention and satisfies search engines.