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Judge Blocks Elon Musk’s Astronomical $56 Billion Tesla Compensation Package


A judge in Delaware has overturned Elon Musk’s $56 billion compensation package for Tesla Motors. The decision came after a shareholder filed a complaint, claiming that the package was an overpayment. The judge, Kathaleen McCormick, described the adoption of the compensation package by the Tesla board as “deeply flawed.”

The compensation package was the largest in business history, and it played a significant role in Musk’s rise to becoming one of the world’s wealthiest individuals. However, Judge McCormick stated that shareholders were unfairly compensated with what she called “an unfathomable sum.” She also criticized the Tesla board for being “swept up by the rhetoric” surrounding Musk’s “superstar appeal” during the negotiation of the pay package.

During the week-long trial, Tesla’s directors argued that the compensation package was necessary in order to retain Musk’s focus on the organization. However, the court ruled against Tesla and Musk’s lawyers, stating that they were unable to prove that the stockholder vote was fully informed.

The attorney for Tesla shareholder Richard Tornetta, who filed the complaint in 2018, Greg Varallo, expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision in an email seen by Reuters. However, the case may still be appealed to the Supreme Court of Delaware.

Following the court’s decision, Tesla’s stock fell almost 3% during extended trading in New York. The stock has already dropped by about 20% this year. In response to the ruling, Musk wrote on his social networking platform, X, advising others to consider forming their companies in Nevada or Texas, where shareholders have more influence.

Musk also conducted a poll on X, asking his followers whether Tesla should change its state of incorporation to Texas, the location of its physical headquarters. This move would give Musk more control over the company’s future and protect it from potential takeovers by what he referred to as “dubious interests.”

In addition to his role at Tesla, Musk also owns other companies such as Neuralink, a brain chip startup, and SpaceX. He currently owns around 13% of X after selling a significant portion of his Tesla stock. However, Musk has expressed a desire for a larger stake in the electric vehicle manufacturer.

One of Musk’s concerns is Tesla’s investment in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. He stated on social media that he is uncomfortable with the idea of Tesla leading in AI and robotics without having 25% voting control. Musk fears that the company’s present ownership structure leaves it open to takeover attempts by questionable entities. He even mentioned the possibility of building products outside of Tesla if this situation continues.

In conclusion, a Delaware court has overturned Elon Musk’s $56 billion compensation package for Tesla Motors. The court ruled that the package was an overpayment and that shareholders were unfairly compensated. The decision has had an impact on Tesla’s stock value, and Musk has expressed concerns about the company’s future. Whether or not the case will be appealed to the Supreme Court of Delaware remains to be seen.