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Knoxville’s Plethora of Internet Service Providers Allows Residents to Exercise Their Freedom of Choice


There isn’t much of a selection when it comes to home internet in most American towns; you’re stuck with whatever your building is wired for. There may be two or three choices available to you.

Not so in Knoxville, where six reliable services are available, five of which provide gigabit download speeds. CNET has chosen AT&T Fiber as the best internet service provider in Knoxville over all the other strong candidates. Cable internet providers Xfinity and WOW have extensive coverage in the city, and their speeds are sufficient for most residents who lack access to AT&T.

When deciding which internet provider to suggest in Knoxville, our team takes into account multiple factors, including speed, cost, quality of service, and overall value. As part of our research, we randomly visit local addresses to verify service. We also read the fine print in service agreements and make calls to the relevant Internet service providers (ISPs) to make sure everything is as it should be.

However, there are certain restrictions to our method. Information about costs and transit times can vary: Even within the same city, various addresses may be eligible for different tiers of service, resulting in varying monthly costs. You can learn more about the specific alternatives available to you by entering your address on a provider’s website.

The prices, speeds, and other details we’ve listed above and in the provider cards below may not reflect the actual data we’ve gathered. According to our database of plan information provided directly by ISPs, the cards show the complete range of a provider’s pricing and speed across the US. The text, on the other hand, is tailored to Knoxville-area resources. Our findings, which are reflected in the article’s pricing structure, take into account the customary industry discount for monthly recurring payments. You may be eligible for additional savings by agreeing to a contract or bundling your service with a mobile phone plan.

Visit our comprehensive methodology page to find out how we do our reviews of internet service providers.

Knoxvillians are blessed with a bevy of high-caliber internet service provider options. FCC data shows that nearly the whole city has access to download speeds of at least 250 Mbps and upload speeds of at least 25 Mbps, with 72% having access to speeds of at least 1,000 Mbps and 100 Mbps.

AT&T FiOS The top internet service provider in Knoxville, Tennessee Specifics of the Item Monthly fees can range from $55 to $180. Coverage from 300 Mbps to 5,000 Mbps Connection Fiber The Basics With no commitments or limits and all necessary hardware provided, In areas where AT&T Fiber is made available, it is likely that they will receive our highest recommendation. It received high marks from the American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power, and CNET ranked it as the best fiber provider in our survey of the finest ISPs in the US. Fast, symmetrical speeds, affordable pricing, and unlimited data are just some of the features that AT&T Fiber offers. FCC statistics show that 81% of Knoxville residences have access to AT&T broadband internet; however, not everyone in the city will have access to AT&T Fiber. We propose Xfinity or WOW if you can’t get faster DSL through AT&T (you’ll only see one package available when you enter your address). Costs and breakdowns: In Knoxville, AT&T Fiber offers five different packages: Prices range from $55 per month for 300 Mbps upload/download speed to $250 for 5,000 Mbps download/upload speed. Pricing and Service Specifics: AT&T Fiber is a completely flat-rate service. All necessary hardware is provided at no extra cost, and there are no annual price increases or data caps. Our AT&T home internet review awaits you.

WOW Knoxville’s most affordable web service packages Specifics of the Item Monthly fees can range from $20 to $95 Connection Speed: 100 Mbps to 1,200 Mbps Cable The Basics Inexpensive and unrestricted data plans WOW has among of the lowest prices for internet service in the Knoxville area. The company offers 100 Mbps to 1,200 Mbps of cable and fiber internet access. If you’re looking for affordable, dependable high-speed internet, go no further than WOW. According to the FCC, WOW’s internet service is available in 98% of homes in Knoxville. WOW has several distinct plan tiers and price points to accommodate customers with varying requirements and budgets. Price points range from $20/month for 100 Mbps to $95/month for 1,200 Mbps. WOW does not demand contracts and provides unlimited data at no additional cost. The package might come with or offer access to equipment for an extra cost. You can save money by bundling your TV and phone services with WOW. Learn more about WOW in our in-depth review.

Xfinity offers nationwide high-speed internet service. Specifics of the Item Monthly fees might range from $30 to $160. Variable rates between 15 and 2 Gbps Connection Cable The Basics Zero percent interest and free machinery In Knoxville, Xfinity provides high-speed Internet to a huge portion of the city’s residents, making it one of the most popular ISPs in the area. Xfinity provides alternatives for every type of home with download speeds between 15 Mbps and 2,000 Mbps. According to the FCC, nearly all homes in Knoxville have access to Xfinity Internet. Costs and breakdowns: Xfinity has several packages available to meet the demands of customers of varying means. Pricing ranges from $30/month for 15 Mbps all the way up to $160/month for 2 TB/month. Xfinity does not demand contracts and offers equipment free of charge with their plans. Costs associated with setup or upgrading existing apparatus may be extra. Xfinity provides bundles that include both television and telephone service. Check out our Xfinity at Home review to learn more.

You can see that there is a great variety of ISPs to choose from in Knoxville, each with their own rates, download speeds, and pricing structures. There is a solution in Knoxville for everyone, whether you prioritize speed, value, or price. Choose the best internet service provider for your needs by thinking about things like availability, speeds, customer service, and cost.

Keep in mind that plan availability and pricing may vary by provider and location. Do your homework and compare your options to pick an ISP in Knoxville that lives up to your expectations and stays within your price range.