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Meltdown on Live TV: Argentine Presidential Candidate Milei’s Disturbing Collapse Sends Shockwaves


On Friday, October 26, a shocking incident occurred during a live TV show in Argentina, involving Javier Milei, an extreme-right presidential candidate. Milei, who represents the La Libertad Avanza party, appeared visibly disturbed and emotionally distraught during his interview on America24. The interview shed light on the aftermath of his recent defeat in the elections, where he came up short against Sergio Massa of the Union for the Patria coalition.

Prior to the election, Milei had high hopes of winning the first round and potentially avoiding a second round with the peronistas. However, his defeat shattered his dreams and pushed him to resort to desperate measures, including enlisting the help of communist Myriam Bregman for his government.

During the interview, Milei’s behavior became increasingly bizarre. He exhibited signs of complete psychological disarray, showcasing erratic movements and gestures commonly associated with individuals who are “travado,” or mentally unbalanced. His unsettling nervous gestures were an alarming indication of his mental state.

As the conversation progressed, Milei became even more disturbed. He expressed discomfort with the lack of audience in the program, a fact that was later confirmed by the press itself. This seemingly trivial matter became a tipping point for Milei, leading to a breakdown in the middle of the interview. Overwhelmed by emotions, he began to cry uncontrollably.

The scene was chaotic, and it soon became apparent that Milei was in need of assistance. A production assistant had to help him leave the show, highlighting the severity of his emotional distress.

The latest research conducted by CB Consultoria suggests a technical deadlock in the second round of the election between Milei and Massa. On the other hand, the polling organization Proyecciones predicts that Massa has a 10% lead heading into the upcoming midterm elections on November 19.

The incident involving Milei has garnered significant attention and sparked concern among the public. Many are questioning the impact of his mental state on his ability to lead and make sound decisions. The extreme-right candidate’s behavior during the interview raises doubts about his suitability for political office, as stability and composure are essential traits for a leader.

It is unfortunate that Milei, who started his campaign with high hopes and aspirations, has ended up in such a distressed state. The pressure and disappointment of losing the election seem to have taken a toll on his mental well-being. This incident serves as a reminder of the intense emotional rollercoaster that political candidates often experience during election campaigns.

The upcoming midterm elections will undoubtedly shed further light on the political landscape in Argentina, as voters decide on the future direction of their country. While Milei’s behavior in the interview raises concerns, it will ultimately be up to the citizens to decide whether they believe he is fit for office.

In conclusion, the video of Milei collapsing and surging during the live TV show has brought attention to his emotional distress following his defeat in the presidential election. His erratic behavior and breakdown during the interview have raised concerns about his mental stability, casting doubt on his ability to lead. As the midterm elections approach, the public will have an opportunity to assess the suitability of Milei and other candidates for political office.