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The Highway Rescue: British Boy Found After 7 Years Claims Sexual Abuse


Francesca reports that a British boy who was found on the highway in the early hours of the morning after seven years says he was the victim of sexual abuse. This shocking revelation has brought attention to the case of 17-year-old Alex Batty, who had been missing since 2017. French police have announced that the boy will finally be returning to the United Kingdom on Saturday (16), providing some sense of closure to this perplexing and distressing situation.

Alex Batty’s disappearance occurred in 2017 when he traveled to Spain with his mother and their horse. The circumstances surrounding his sudden vanishing were mysterious and concerning. French police have identified Alex’s mother as the main suspect in his disappearance, especially considering that she had lost custody of her son prior to their journey. According to British police, the mother’s custody rights were terminated, leading to questions about her motives and actions.

The discovery of Alex Batty in France came as a result of a delivery man’s confusion. The delivery man found the young boy in the south of France and immediately alerted the authorities. It is unclear how the boy ended up in France, but it appears that his mother, who was suspected of fleeing to Finland, may have played a significant role in this unexpected turn of events.

Upon being found, Alex Batty mentioned his desire to return home to the United Kingdom. It was revealed that his paternal grandfather had been his legal guardian during his disappearance. The boy’s mother, on the other hand, had apparently abandoned the idea of sending Alex to school and instead sought to live in alternative communities with her son. The reasons behind this decision remain unclear.

The details of the abuse that Alex Batty claims to have suffered as a child have not been fully disclosed. In an interview with French police, it was not revealed whether the boy had informed them about the abuse. However, this alarming revelation serves as a reminder of the potential dangers that children may face and highlights the importance of protecting and supporting vulnerable individuals.

The delivery man, Fabien Accidini, played a crucial role in the discovery of Alex Batty. Accidini recounted his encounter with the young boy, describing how he saw him skate down the coast in the early hours of the morning carrying a light and a backpack. Suspecting that the boy was not French, Accidini engaged in conversation with him and learned about his plight. The boy requested that Accidini send a message to his aunt in the UK, expressing his desire to go home.

With the help of Fabien Accidini, the local police were able to verify the identity of the English teenager and initiate the process for his repatriation. This development brings hope and relief to Alex’s paternal family, who have been eagerly awaiting his return.

Throughout this ordeal, Alex’s mother and father have remained elusive. Their current whereabouts and involvement in the events leading up to Alex’s disappearance are still unknown. The investigation into this case continues as authorities work tirelessly to uncover the truth behind this troubling saga.

The return of Alex Batty to the United Kingdom marks the end of a long and arduous journey for him and his loved ones. As he bravely faces the future, it is hoped that he will receive the support and care he needs to heal from the traumatic experiences he has endured. The authorities will undoubtedly continue their efforts to bring justice to those responsible for the abuse and kidnapping, ensuring that Alex’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding children and protecting them from harm.