The Joyful Journey of Priesthood: Embracing Humanity, Kindness, and Forgiveness


Pope Francis has emphasized the importance of priests being human, kind, and forgiving in a recent gathering of international priests. The Pope delivered three key messages to the participants at the international meeting for priests, highlighting the joy of the Gospel, belonging to a supportive community, and the importance of generative service.

During the meeting, which focused on the ongoing formation of priests, Pope Francis expressed his gratitude to the organizers and promoters of the event. He acknowledged the challenges many participants faced in attending the meeting in Rome and commended them for their dedication to their dioceses and countries.

In his address, the Pope emphasized the need for priests to share and listen, promoting open dialogue about challenges and problems in priestly formation. He urged priests to be open to new tools and languages that can aid their development, emphasizing the importance of not assuming to have all the answers. The Pope expressed his fear of those who claim to have all the answers, highlighting the importance of humility and trust in discovering answers along the journey.

Furthermore, Pope Francis encouraged priests to treasure the joy of the Gospel, which frees individuals from individualism and offers a life filled with meaning, love, and hope. He emphasized the necessity of witness, noting that priests must live in a way that reflects God’s rescuing love in Jesus Christ. By receiving and sustaining the joy of the Gospel, priests can effectively share it with others.

The Pope also highlighted the significance of comprehensive human formation for priests. He emphasized that being a Christian is not merely a religious label but a lifestyle that demands human care. A “worldly” priest was contrasted with a fully human priest who interacts, plays with children, cares for the elderly, and forms strong relationships. Priests should focus their efforts on human formation to bring comfort and the message of the Gospel to God’s people.

Moreover, Pope Francis stressed the importance of kindness and forgiveness in the life of a priest. He urged priests to never tire of mercy and forgiveness, stating that people seek forgiveness in confession, not theology or penances. He emphasized that forgiveness brings compassion and acceptance, which are crucial aspects of priestly ministry.

The Pope concluded his address by highlighting the significance of Our Lady’s gift to priests – graceful tenderness. He encouraged priests to seek the grace of kind and strong tenderness, particularly in their interactions with troubled individuals, the elderly, the ill, and children. This grace is crucial in providing comfort and guidance to those in need.

In summary, Pope Francis’s address to the international meeting for priests emphasized the importance of priests being human, kind, and forgiving. He stressed the joy of the Gospel, the value of belonging to a supportive community, and the need for generative service. The Pope encouraged priests to share and listen, pursue joy and human formation, and cultivate a spirit of kindness and forgiveness. By embodying these qualities, priests can effectively fulfill their mission of spreading God’s love and mercy to the world.