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The Unprecedented Passage: Mexico’s Largest Human Movement Towards the United States


The “largest human movement” in the nation is currently taking place in Mexico, as thousands of migrants have joined together to form a caravan that is making its way to the United States. This massive movement is a direct response to the migrant embargo that Mexican authorities have implemented, which restricts arrivals to the northern border of the country. The migrants, who have been living in extreme poverty in Tapachula for months, have decided to embark on this journey to escape their dire circumstances and seek a better life.

The caravan began its journey from Tapachula, a city located on the border with Guatemala, about 1,150 kilometers south of Mexico City. On April 24th, approximately 10,000 individuals, predominantly from Cuba, Haiti, and Honduras, but also including people from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil, left the municipality in the state of Chiapas. The group is incredibly diverse, with individuals from Iran, Pakistan, Syria, China, Bangladesh, and various African countries also among them.

These migrants have decided to take the arduous journey on foot because they have received no assistance or support from the National Migration Institute, the government agency responsible for immigration. Left vulnerable and desperate after months of living in terrible conditions in Tapachula, they have chosen to walk together in solidarity and hope for a better future. The caravan has grown in size since its inception, and it now consists of over 14,000 individuals.

As the caravan progresses through southeast Mexico, it has become an unprecedented sight: instead of trees lining the highways, there are now people and children making their way towards their destination. This mass movement of humans walking together is considered by many to be a historic event. The journey is grueling, with the migrants walking for up to ten or twelve hours every day in the scorching heat of the Chiapas coast. Their determination to reach the United States and escape their desperate circumstances is what fuels them to keep going.

The Mexican government’s handling of the migration crisis has come under intense criticism from volunteers in Tapachula. The volunteers argue that the government has abandoned its own citizens, allowing criminal organizations and drug cartels to control the situation. To escape these dangerous circumstances, many migrants have resorted to relying on the services of coyotes and human traffickers, further endangering their lives and those of vulnerable women and children. Walking together in a large group is seen as the safest option, as they can provide support and protection for one another during the journey.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has acknowledged the increase in migration in recent months. According to American border police, more than 10,000 individuals attempt to enter the United States every day, a significant rise compared to previous weeks. This surge in migration underscores the urgency and desperation of the migrants’ situation.

In conclusion, the caravan of migrants making their way through Mexico to the United States represents the largest human movement in the nation. With over 14,000 individuals from various countries, these migrants have embarked on a grueling journey on foot to escape poverty and seek a better life. As they travel northward, their determination and unity serve as a powerful symbol of hope amidst adversity. However, their plight also exposes the flaws in the Mexican government’s handling of the migration crisis and the dangers faced by vulnerable individuals at the hands of criminal organizations. Ultimately, this caravan highlights the ongoing challenges and complexities surrounding migration in the region.