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Everything you need to know about Ascent Student Loans


Why should I apply for the Ascent Student Loans?

Student loans are a financial product that enables students to borrow money from the government to cover their educational expenses.

These loans offer a promising return on investment and are accessible to both graduate and undergraduate students. However, student loans also come with certain drawbacks. After graduation, students are burdened with debt and are required to begin the repayment process. Managing the student loan repayment plan can be challenging and demanding, especially if the loan was not a widely recommended option.

The Ascent Student Loans stands out as a notable lender to consider for those seeking student loans despite having limited credit history, . This article aims to provide valuable insights for such individuals, highlighting the options and advantages offered by Ascent Student Loans.

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Student loans play a crucial role in providing financial aid for college education. They serve as a lifeline for students facing financial difficulties, enabling them to pursue higher education and cover schooling costs. Ascent Student Loans offers numerous benefits that make it an ideal choice for those seeking financial aid for higher education:

  1. 24 Months of Financial Hardship Forbearance: Ascent Student Loans provides borrowers with financial hardship forbearance, allowing them to defer loan payments for up to 24 months, which is beneficial for those facing financial challenges.
  2. 1% Cash Back Graduation Reward: Graduating students receive a 1% cash back reward on their loan balance, easing financial burdens after graduation.
  3. International Students are Eligible: Ascent Student Loans is an excellent option for international students, offering a fast and efficient loan application process.
  4. Longer Grace Period: Ascent loans offer a longer grace period compared to other lenders, providing flexibility in repayment if financial circumstances change.
  5. 1% Interest Rate Discount: Borrowers who opt for automatic payments receive a 1% interest rate discount with Ascent Student Loans, allowing them to save money and simplify loan repayment.

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