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Applying for the Upgrade Credit Card: Expanding Your Buying Power Fee-Free


Navigating credit card fees and interest rates can be challenging for individuals with less-than-stellar credit scores. Fortunately, this credit-building card offers a solution. It’s as easy to acquire as a standard credit card but functions more like a personal loan. This means any unpaid balance is divided into fixed monthly payments.

Unlock an impressive credit line and access Visa Signature benefits with unique shopping and travel perks, all without an annual fee. It’s an ideal card for travel enthusiasts, as it doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.

Is Obtaining an Upgrade Card Worth It?

The Upgrade mobile app has everything you need to manage your account. Source: The Mad Capitalist. The Upgrade mobile app provides all the essential tools for managing your account. Applying for an Upgrade credit card and using it responsibly can be a valuable step in building an excellent credit score. Let’s explore some of its advantages and disadvantages:

How to Apply for the Upgrade Card?

Learn how to secure an Upgrade credit card, even without an established credit score, and make the most of its benefits.


  • Accessible for individuals with any credit score.
  • Offers fraud protection to safeguard against unauthorized charges.
  • Charges a fixed rate in your monthly installments, not the entire balance.
  • Includes Visa Signature benefits.
  • No annual or late fees.


  • No rewards or welcome bonus.
  • The APR may vary based on your credit score at the time of application, despite the predictability of fixed-rate monthly payments.

Credit Scores Required: This card is suitable for those without a credit score or those looking to improve it, so you need not worry about your current credit score.

How to Apply for the Upgrade Card?

Getting this card is a straightforward process, and you should be able to do it without any issues. The following information will guide you through the application process. The Upgrade card offers optimal payment conditions on a credit card while simultaneously helping you build your credit score.

Apply online:

You can review the offer before applying for the Upgrade Card. Source: Freepik. You can review the offer before applying for the Upgrade Card. If you’re working to improve your credit score, you’ll want to avoid negatively impacting it with hard inquiries. Upgrade provides a solution by allowing you to pre-qualify and check your offer without affecting your credit report.

To pre-qualify and check your offer, visit Upgrade’s website and locate the credit card section. Click the “get started” button for your preferred card. If your goal is credit building, opt for Upgrade’s card without rewards.

The application process is straightforward and only requires filling out a simple form with basic information such as your full name, address, annual income, and its source. Create an account using your email and password to submit the form.

Before submitting, ensure you review Upgrade’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, agreements, and other crucial information located above the submission button.

Apply using the app:

After obtaining the card by applying through the website, you can download the Upgrade mobile app. This app allows you to manage your monthly payments, review recent purchases, make payments, and monitor your credit score progress.