How to apply for SoFi Personal Loan


SoFi has been a pioneer in the personal loan industry, providing loans to people who have good to excellent credit history.

SoFi Personal Loan


Advantages and Features

SoFi stands out from other personal loan options by offering a range of advantageous features to its borrowers. Some of these notable features include:

  1. Multiple Discounts: SoFi provides borrowers with the opportunity to avail themselves of multiple discounts to reduce their interest rates. For instance, borrowers can enjoy a discount of 0.25 percentage points if they set up autopay for their loan repayments. The same discount is available to those who open and maintain a SoFi Money account.
  2. Co-signed Loans: SoFi allows borrowers to add a co-signer to their loan application. If the co-signer has a higher FICO credit score, it can result in lower interest rates or the possibility of obtaining a higher loan amount. It’s important to note that co-signers do not have access to the loan funds but are responsible for missed payments if the primary borrower fails to make them.
  3. Unemployment Protection: SoFi offers unemployment protection, which means that employed borrowers who lose their jobs during the loan repayment period can temporarily suspend their monthly payments. Although interest continues to accrue during this period, borrowers have the option to pay only the interest to prevent their principal amount from increasing.
  4. Career and Financial Advising: In addition to personal loans, SoFi provides career and financial advising services to help users make better financial decisions. Borrowers have the opportunity to share their information with a dedicated advisor, who offers personalized insights and guidance on various aspects of their financial and professional lives.

How to apply for Sofi Personal Loans?

SoFi is a leading personal loan provider that offers its customers some of the most competitive loan options available in the market. To apply for a SoFi Personal Loan, borrowers simply need to visit the company’s website and complete an online application form.

The application form will require essential personal information, including:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Preferred Loan Terms
  • Employer Information or Future Employer Information

By providing these details accurately and completely, borrowers can initiate the loan application process with SoFi and take advantage of the various loan options and benefits offered by the company.

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