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The Destiny Mastercard® Provides A Fixed Credit Limit Of $700, Regardless Of Your Credit Score


Destiny Mastercard


Don’t fret if you’re facing credit score challenges – you have the opportunity to strengthen your credit history by applying for the Destiny Mastercard®. With a credit limit of up to $700 and acceptance at all Mastercard locations, this solution can be a game-changer.

Responsible card usage will also ensure that your payment history is reported to the three major credit bureaus. It’s a chance to start fresh and take control of your credit score. Request your Destiny Mastercard® today!

Rebuilding your credit score is the primary benefit, recognizing its significance, and we’re confident you do too. However, let’s explore some additional perks that come with the Destiny Mastercard®, including:

  • A credit limit of up to $700;
  • No need for a deposit;
  • Zero fraud liability;
  • Acceptance of applications regardless of credit score.

Is the Destiny Mastercard® a real card?

We offer the Destiny Mastercard as an unsecured credit card for individuals with fair to poor credit. Existing Destiny Mastercard holders will be pleased to know that their purchase activity is reported to all three major credit bureaus.

Can I request credit limit increases with the Destiny Mastercard®?

As a Destiny Mastercard® cardholder, you’ll initially receive a relatively low credit limit. While responsible card usage can positively impact your credit score, increasing your credit limit over time with this card is not possible.

Is the Destiny Mastercard® a good choice for me?

If you’re in need of a credit card that accommodates all credit scores, including those with poor credit, and can help you improve your financial situation, the Destiny Mastercard® could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Still uncertain about the Destiny Mastercard®? Consider the First Digital Mastercard® as an alternative option!

By using this card for your purchases, you can simultaneously work on improving your credit score. Check out the post below for more insights and details on how to apply!

The Destiny Mastercard® is the perfect choice for establishing your credit with confidence:

Deciding whether it’s the right fit for you is a personal decision, but we’re here to make that process easier. This article aims to outline the pros and cons of obtaining a Destiny Mastercard® to assist you in making an informed choice.

Keep reading for valuable insights on boosting your credit score and positioning yourself for access to premium credit cards in the future.

  • Credit Score: Poor/Fair credit scores are acceptable; no credit score is required;
  • Annual Fee: $175 for the first year, then $49 annually thereafter;
  • Regular APR: 35.9%;
  • Welcome Bonus: No welcome bonus is available;
  • Rewards: The card does not offer a rewards program.

Destiny Mastercard®:

If you’re facing financial challenges and have a low credit score, you’re not alone. According to a recent consumer credit review by Experian, 16% of North Americans have a poor credit score, and 18% have a fair credit score, making it difficult to secure credit cards or loans.

Fortunately, certain financial institutions cater to individuals in such circumstances by offering credit cards like the Destiny Mastercard®.

The Destiny Mastercard® is issued by Genesis Financial Card Services, and individuals with poor credit scores can still apply for it. However, specific factors may influence the card offer you receive.

The card comes with an initial annual fee of $175, followed by an annual fee of $49. While it lacks reward programs or welcome bonuses, the primary focus is on establishing your credit line. It’s essential to stay vigilant about making on-time payments, as there are substantial fees associated with late payments.