Utilizing The Freedom Gold Credit Card, You Can Buy Presents For Your Entire Family!


Freedom Gold Credit Card


For those who take pleasure in treating their loved ones to meaningful gifts, the Freedom Gold card presents an attractive option. This retail store card is exclusively usable at Horizon Outlet and extends a generous $750 credit line without any credit score prerequisites. Additionally, online purchases on their website come with a 0% APR.

Upon enrollment, you’ll gain access to Horizon membership benefits and receive exclusive email discounts. Stay informed about the latest updates and make the most of the available promotions. Dive deeper into the advantages it offers!

  • Welcomes all credit scores;
  • No employment check required;
  • Up to $750 credit limit;
  • Roadside Protection included.

Where can I use my Freedom Gold credit card?

While the Freedom Gold credit card functions as a merchandise card, it can only be employed at Horizon Outlet. Nevertheless, by shopping at Horizon Outlet, you can enjoy certain perks such as Roadside Protection, Legal Assistance, Identity Theft Insurance, and more. So, if you’re a fan of Horizon Outlet shopping, this card is worth considering.

What is the maximum credit limit for a Freedom Gold credit card?

As a merchandise credit card designed exclusively for Horizon Outlet purchases, the Freedom Gold credit card does not offer a high credit limit. The maximum credit limit for merchandise is $750, which can prove quite practical for frequent Horizon Outlet shoppers.

Can the Freedom Gold credit card help build credit?

Absolutely! Despite its relatively low credit limit as a merchandise card, the Freedom Gold credit card can aid in establishing or improving credit as it reports payment activity to major credit bureaus. Therefore, by making timely payments, you can shop at Horizon Outlet while simultaneously boosting your credit profile.

Now that you’ve gained insights into the Freedom Gold credit card, it’s wise to explore other card options before making an informed decision. Consider applying for the Luxury Gold card, which provides a $200 annual airline credit, 2% cash back, and various other perks. If this card piques your interest, follow the link below to learn how to apply.

Shop for all your essential items with a generous credit line of up to $750 from the Freedom Gold credit card.

This card is an excellent choice for those who relish treating loved ones or themselves to high-quality clothing and household goods. You deserve to indulge in life’s little luxuries.

Unlock exclusive offers on the Horizon Outlet website by simply paying a small monthly fee and enjoying a 0% APR on purchases of up to $750. Dive deeper into the card’s features by checking out our comprehensive review.

  • Credit Score: No credit score requirements;
  • Annual Fee: $179.40 per year ($14.95 per month);
  • Regular APR: None;
  • Welcome Bonus: No welcome bonus;
  • Rewards: No rewards program.

Is the Freedom Gold credit card legitimate?

The Freedom Gold credit card is exclusively designed for online transactions on the Horizon Outlet website and cannot be utilized in physical stores. If you’re a frequent shopper on this online platform, this card can prove advantageous as it allows for larger purchases with no additional fees.

To access the array of members-only benefits, simply activate your card on the Freedom website and pay the $14.95 monthly fee.